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Warning: The Day Planner Services server hasn't been readied
for broad use yet, and thus isn't all that easy to set up.
If you simply need a quick synchronization login for use with Day Planner,
contact us and we'll set you up with an account on our development server

Keep in mind that this is still beta, and rather limited.
It will be replaced by a better synchronization solution based
upon conduit some time during the next year, which will allow
you to use services like Google Calendar to synchronize
Day Planner.

Everything you need is in the services/ directory of the
Day Planner tarball (it is not included in the DEBs or RPMs).
Edit dpservices.conf and set DataPath to ./dpservices and
AdminMail, Logfile and HTMLBase to some sensible values.

MotdFile is ignored right now, and DropToUID is only
needed if you need to start the daemon as root in order to run it
on some priveliged port and then have it drop to a user afterwards.

$ mkdir dpservices; touch ./dpservices/users.conf
$ openssl genrsa 1024 > server.key
$ openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 365 -key server.key > server.crt
... answer a bunch of questions. The answers doesn't matter much in
this case.

Now you can run the daemon
$ ./dayplanner-services-daemon

After starting the services daemon, start the admin console by running ./tools/DPSAdmin.
[A]dd a new user and answer the questions it asks. The question concerning
encryption is currently ignored, the connection is always using SSL,
but the data on the server is stored in plain (base64-encoded) text.
The question concerning HTML generating sets wether the server should
automatically generate a HTML version of the calendar or not. The
language setting sets the locale the HTML calendar should be exported in
(set it to 'en' for English).

The user is added and should now be able to log in and sync. Day Planner tries
to synchronize on every startup and shutdown.
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