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Day Planner uses git for revision control and development.

Download the Day Planner git repository with the following command:

git clone git://

git will the clone the Day Planner git repository into the subdirectory dayplanner/ of your current working directory. Once you have this downloaded you can easily switch to either of the other Day Planner development branches available in the git repository using the following command while in any directory in the repository:

git checkout -b origin/[branch] [branch]

where [branch] is the name of the branch that you want to check out (repeated twice). You can then git checkout [branch] to switch between the various branches (listed in git branch). Ie. if you would want the branch, you could do: git checkout -b origin/, and then you can git checkout master to go back to the development branch, or git checkout to go to the branch.

Day Planner has the following branches:

master (default)This is the main Day Planner development branch, this is where all development of Day Planner occurs.
version.numberBranches for the Day Planner releases. Whenever Day Planner is preparing for a stable release, that release is branched. The current stable branch is . All patch releases (N.N.N) are developed in that branch. In general only bugfixes and translation updates will be committed to these branches.

To download the latest changes from the central repository, do a git pull.

You can also view the Day Planner git repository online at
NOTE: all branches in the git repository should be considered unstable, and only used for testing and development purposes.

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