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Can Day Planner be used to share a calendar between multiple users?

This depends upon what you mean by calendar sharing. It is possible for a single person to share their calendar between multiple machines using the Day Planner services synchronization system. But there is no way (currently) to view other people's calendars. If this is important and you really want to use Day Planner, you can contact us and we will help you in getting something up and running.

Is there any set timeframe for when new versions will be released?

Generally, no. Usually there is one release every 2-4 months, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. If you have questions about the next release, feel free to join the Day Planner irc channel which is #dayplanner on

How can I set up my own synchronization server using Day Planner services?

We have a guide that explains it on this website. However it is worth noting that Day Planner Services is beta, and will never reach stable support.

Is there any way I can financially contribute to the Day Planner project?

Yes! Although you're not required to pay for Day Planner at all (you're free to use and change it for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later) you can donate some funds towards further development. You can donate using paypal by pressing the button below (any amount at all - everything helps):

Alternatively you can also buy something off of the developers (there is currently only one) wishlist.
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